Curry Chicken Rice by Chef De Home

chicken, coconut milk, thai curry paste, green peas, chicken stock, basmati rice, salt, spices, tomatoes, curry powder, lemon, chili flakes, cooking oil

Total Time: 27 min

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– 2 lbs Chicken (bone-in thighs, count 4-5)
– 1 cupCoconut milk
– 2 tbsp Thai Curry Paste (yellow curry paste)
– 1/2 CupGreen Peas (frozen, or veggie of choice)
– 1 cupChicken Stock (or water)
– 1.25 CupBasmati Rice (or long grain Jasmine rice, washed)
– 1 tspSalt
– Whole Spices
– 1 cupTomatoes (fresh grated (skin discarded) or 8 ounce can pureed)
– 2 tspCurry Powder (or mix a tsp curry powder and a tsp garam masala)
– 1 tbsp Lemon (juice)
– 1/4 tspChili Flakes (or 1/2 tsp mild chili powder, both optional)
– 1-2 tbsp Cooking Oil

Total Time: 27 min


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