Guinness Beef Stew by Home Pressure Cooking

beef stew meat or chuck roast, onion, baby carrots, parsnip, yokon potatoes, tomato paste, dried thyme, parsley, guinness extra stout beer, beef broth, salt and pepper, garlic and herb butter, shallot, green beans

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– 2 LBS Beef Stew Meat or Chuck Roast
– 2 Cups Onion (Rough Chopped)
– 1 Bag Baby Carrots
– 3-4 Whole Parsnips (Peeled and Chunked)
– 1/2 LB Yokon Potatoes, sliced
– 6 oz Tomato Paste
– 2 TSP Dried Thyme
– 4 tbsp Fresh Parsley, chopped
– 1 Pint Guiness Extra Stout
– 32 OZs Beef Broth
– 1 Dash Salt and Pepper (to Taste)
– 1/2 Stick Garlic and Herb Butter
– 1 Whole Shallot
– 2 Cups Green Beans


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