Pho by Chef De Home

lamb, lemon grass, yellow onion, ginger, shallot onions, fish sauce, sugar, spices, bay leaf, salt, canola oil, rice noodles, green onion, lime, cilantro, sriracha

Total Time: 1 hour


– 2.5 lbsLamb
– Lemon Grass (1 stalk, green cut into 2 inch sticks, yellow small chopped)
– 1 Yellow Onion (sliced in half)
– 4 inGinger (3 inch thick sliced, 1 inch small chopped)
– 1 Shallot Onions (small diced)
– 1 tspFish Sauce
– 1.5 tbsp Sugar (white sugar or rock sugar)
– 1/4 CupWhole Spices
– 2 Bay Leaf
– Salt (adjust to taste)
– 1-2 tspCanola Oil (or cooking oil of choice)
– Rice Noodles (thin noodles)
– Green Onion (scallion, small bunch, diced)
– 2 Lime (cut into wedges, for serving)
– Cilantro (small bunch, for serving)
– Sriracha (and gluten free hoisin sauce, both optional)

Total Time: 1 hour




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