Spaghetti Bolognese by Home Pressure Cooking

mild italian sausage or ground beef, spaghetti, tomatoes, water, red wine, garlic, capers, sun dried tomatoes, yellow onion, italian seasoning, sea salt, pepper, red pepper

Total Time: 16 min


– 1 LB Mild Italian Sausage or Ground beef (Ground)
– 1 LB Spaghetti
– 28 Oz Tomatoes (Whole)
– 14 Oz Tomatoes (Crushed)
– 1 Cup Water
– 1-3 Splashes Red Wine
– 2 tsp Garlic, minced
– 3 1/2 Oz Capers
– 8-10 Whole Sun Dried Tomatoes may substitute plum tomatoes (We have used either or, and both delicious. Try both, or one or the other)
– 1 Whole Yellow Onion (Small)
– 1-2 tsp Italian Seasoning
– 1 Dash Sea Salt
– 1 Dash Pepper
– 1 Dash Crushed Red Pepper

Total Time: 16 min



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